Mani: This Matters Because (Series)

Baltimore is a beautiful and heartbreaking place. I call Baltimore my home, and have been privileged in being able to scrape by as an artist in heavily arts-populated areas. That being said, there are many who are not as lucky as I, who don’t have an outlet for all of the discordance of life in this city.

With BAPAC, I have found a family away from my own. I haven’t seen my own island family in years for many reasons, and the group of people that have founded this share my desire for recognition, for communion, for an identity as we navigate far away from our ancestors’ homes. My desire is to be able to create some type of harmony for others in the Baltimore community - to make BAPAC a place they can call home, a place where they can envision themselves creating and communing with Pacific Indigenous and Asian artists.

Creating meaningful, intercultural, and sensitive expression to help heal some of America’s atrocities is my biggest dream for this organization and I am proud to represent that mission.

Written by Mani Yangilmau, Fundraising Director.

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