Sometimes you wish you could tear yourself in two.
And maybe, this time, you do.

Videography by justin chen

graphic art by mika j. nakano

Tornkid was the first full-length production by the Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective in collaboration with Cohesion Theatre Company. It premiered on May 23, 2019 and closed on June 9, 2019. All performances were in the “Fallout Shelter” at the United Evangelical Church in Canton.

Pizza or spam. Important, not important. American, Immigrant.

Tornkid just wants to belong: at school, at home, in their own skin. So what does Tornkid do? Tear themselves in two. Tricky thing is, Tornkid loses their voice and their other half runs away into a mythical land both achingly familiar and unfamiliar. This world-premiere play by Katelynn Kenney draws on the power of Southeast Asian and Pacific Indigenous mythology to take the audience on an elemental journey to literally find oneself. Under the direction of Cara Hinh, with puppetry created by Cohesion Theatre Company’s Artistic Director, Jess Rassp, and masks created by Tara Cariaso and Aaron Elson of Waxing Moon Masks, Tornkid promises to be a feast for the senses, and an exploration into a world rarely seen on the American stage.


The premiere production of Tornkid would not have been possible without the support and generosity of the following organizations and individuals: