Mission Statement

The Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective (BAPAC) is dedicated to empowering and advocating for Asian American and Pacific Indigenous (AAPI) artists. Our mission goals are:

  • To provide opportunities for young and emerging AAPI artists to create and share art that reflects our lives and experiences.

  • To engage in community dialogue addressing issues of AAPI representation and inclusion in the arts.

  • To inspire immigrant and refugee youth, and youth of color through mentorship and arts-based educational programs.

  • To promote Baltimore as a destination for AAPI artists to create and present work.

About us

The Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective (BAPAC) was founded in 2018 to address the deep need for Asian American and Pacific Indigenous representation and advocacy in the arts communities of Baltimore.  Our founders’ goal in establishing BAPAC was to ensure that AAPI art makers would always have a means to advocate for themselves and a platform to share their stories within the arts world of Baltimore.     

The Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective is devoted to strengthening the relationships between our communities, especially third culture youths, immigrant and refugee families, and other minority and underrepresented communities in Baltimore.  We are dedicated to providing mentorship and arts education opportunities that support the growth and development of young artists of color and encourage them to pursue their creative passions and goals.  As an arts collective, we aim to challenge our audience’s perception of what it means to be Asian or Pacific Indigenous in America.  We want to encourage others to explore the true diversity of our cultures, experiences and stories through art created by AAPI individuals. 

Through our arts programs and initiatives, we hope to continue building relationships with neighboring communities and strengthening solidarity with other underrepresented and misrepresented communities in Baltimore.

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Baltimore Asian Pasifika Arts Collective (BAPAC) is a sponsored program of Fusion Partnerhips, Inc.  Charitable contributions to BAPAC are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.